On The Hunt For First


M. Krein

At last year’s Senior Olympics, classes competed in a ferocious game of tug-of-war.

Dylan Sargent, Writer

Prom, Graduation, May Day, last day of school – these are all things most seniors across the country can’t wait for during the second half of the year. 

Senior Olympics, a tradition special to Loyola, comes soaring in as a senior Rambler farewell. At the end of the year, formation classes are put into teams as they compete head to head in various games and activities. 

Even though this event may seem far into the future, teachers and administrators have already begun planning the big day for the seniors. It began just a few weeks ago, with formation classes solving riddles with their classmates. 

As formation classes began the games, they raced for the number one spot. The winners got dibs on shirt colors for the Senior Olympics. Sent on a scavenger hunt, seniors looked for various random objects hidden behind riddles. 

How well do you know the Friends theme song? Teams also had to record videos of themselves doing things of that sort – the theme song was just one of the requirements. Another one was an intricate salsa dance, a massive human pyramid, as well as a team puzzle, with some participants blindfolded. 

A tale as old as time, students also had to guess how much candy was in a jar. Guesses varied from 60s and 70s, to high one hundreds. 

Teams were placed first through tenth, and first place got first choice of their shirt color for the actual Olympics in May. Mrs. McGuire’s 9th period class placed first and second, with her 5th period class just behind them in third place.

Students loved the little break that was given during formation. It was a fun way to bond with a group that you only see once a cycle, and the rest of your Senior Olympic team.

Senior Jane Talty says she, “never would have thought that she could have so much fun because she didn’t know her formation classmates too well.” 

Although the real games have yet to begin, seniors can’t wait to see what they have in store. The school year is rapidly ending, and the seniors want to end with a bang.