Another Year, Another Oscars

Dylan Sargent, Writer

With the 94th Academy Awards around the corner, the people are dying to know the winners of the 2022 Oscars. Hosted by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes, the Oscars will take place on Sunday, March 27.

It will be filled with tons of A-List actors presenting, including Bill Murray, Lady Gaga, Kevin Costner, and Samuel L. Jackson. Although the crowd loves to see stars like Lady Gaga take the stage, it is reported that Gaga was “snubbed” by the Oscars – she was not nominated for her leading role in House of Gucci.

Lady Gaga wasn’t the only one “snubbed” by the Oscars – Jennifer Hudson in Respect, Caitriona Balfe in Belfast, Leonardo DiCaprio in Don’t Look Up… the list can go on.

Regardless of what shiny stars will be there on Sunday, let’s focus on the big picture: Best Picture. Many people were a little shocked at some of the nominations: Dune, Belfast, CODA, Don’t Look Up, Drive My Car, King Richard, Licorice Pizza, Nightmare Alley, The Power of the Dog, and West Side Story – all nominated for Best Picture this year.

Licorice Pizza was doing great in the nominations, until just this week, controversy struck over “anti-Asian” jokes within the movie. Will they be able to pull off a win after these allegations?
It was surprising to see that both Dune and The Power Of The Dog got ten or more total nominations, yet failed to receive a directing nomination.

With both movies practically going head-to-head for the award, we can’t help but think about Dune’s heartthrob, Timothee Chalamet. From soppy teen romances and movies that’ll make you reach for the tissue box, Chalamet takes on a very big role as Paul Atreides. Will the critics believe that Chalamet brought on enough strength and vulnerability as Paul?

Jesse Plemons was recognized for his role in The Power Of The Dog. This was seen as a big surprise to the critics.

“I love [Plemons] as an actor, but I was a little confused and shocked when I saw that he was nominated for this movie,” says Oscars-fanatic and senior Jane Talty.

As we head into the weekend, we also head into the 94th Oscars. Viewers can’t wait to see the outcomes. How will the people react to the 2022 Oscars?