Gilded Glamour at the Met Gala

Charlotte O'Bryan, Writer

The moment all fashion critics have awaited for – the 2022 Met Gala. A gathering of fashion, celebrity-not-celebrities, and most importantly those who watch at home creating the most controversial and prudent judgments. As being a part of the circle that sat in amazement, disappointment, and pure confusion, I am here to tell you my take on the top five best dressed for this year’s Met Gala. 

The theme of Gilded Glamour gave the opportunity to embrace America’s lifestyle physically and symbolically during the 1890s for this year’s attendees. The carpet was swamped with modern takes on corsets, beautiful silhouettes,  and eccentric color palettes to pay tribute to the theme. Not surprisingly, we also saw so many celebrities play it safe, and honestly quite boring.

Jack Harlow has clearly never heard of the phrase “never wear brown downtown” because his brown suit made by Givenchy was flat and was not on theme at all.

Not only did Regé-Jean Page star in Bridgerton, Netflix’s original practically set right in the gilded age, he simply gave nothing to his fans. His Armani suit was gorgeous, of course, but I definitely expected to see a more daring look for him, considering he could have walked onto his set and used one of his many costumes. 

Now, onto the characters of the evening that understood their assignments, and gave the people a performance. 

Coming hot at number five is Thomas Doherty in a dashing suit by none other than Dior. The two toned lapel framed and accentuated the neckline and tie gracefully, along with his pastel vest that draped quite  nicely. Overall, Thomas not only stayed on theme but also shed whimsy on a traditional look from our dear gilded age.

At number four, Dove Cameron deconstructed the theme with an epic silhouette that elevated the red carpet. The gown which required 600 hours of craft to assemble was intellectual and modern with a twist on gilded theme. The designer is Iris Van Herpen who knew exactly what it meant when “ designers taking a modern aspect is the best approach.”

At number three, one of my personal favorites, was Gigi Hadid paired with Versace. Now when I say this, I don’t say this lightly: Versace is what saved the red carpet.

Hadid never needs much to look fabulous. Although viewers contemplated whether she was on theme, or too lazy to get out of her north face puffer jacket, I am here to tell you she most certainly was. With her tight corset fitting her body beautifully, the jacket embraced the importance of “bigger is better.” I mean this jacket was almost identical to the shapes of gilded era dresses. Versace lives. 

Now, creeping up to our top two best dressed, these two gals hit the mark like no other, and stole the show 

At number two, Nichole Coughlan’s first Met Gala was a success! Richard Quinn out did himself with the gown columnar in shape  leading to a beautiful blousant arm. The bodice was masterfully crafted to wrap Nichole neatly. The piece di resistance was the playful intermix of feathers that left us all want more – tres chic.

The moment awaits, for our best dressed attendee to be revealed. Coming to you from Telemundo was Genesis Camila Suero. Although she was at the event as a reporter, she outdid any Kardashian, Lady Gaga, or the rest of the fashion peanut gallery. Her beautiful Cinderella-like gown created by Lucia Rodriguez was the perfect captivation of the night’s theme. Her makeup and hair were absolutely fabulous, and she was the best kept secret of the night. 

She was rare and unexpected, and it was refreshing to see not only a working woman, but a working Latina woman steal the show.

Let this be a lesson to all: take risks, love what you wear, and most importantly, leave those clunky gym shoes at home.