Team Sprints into Swim Season

Maddie Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

The cheering was loud, the excitement was there, and the team energy was at full force during the first meet of the girl’s swimming and diving season this year. On Friday, August 26, the Loyola girls began their season off on the right foot against Evanston, winning on both the Varsity and JVA levels. 

Of the eleven events the varsity team competed in throughout the evening, the Loyola Academy girls won eight of them. The coaches described many of the races as wonderful, praising the team for their hard work and dedication so far in the season. 

When talking about the meet, many of the girls had responses strikingly similar to the positive energy they emitted. 

Senior Zuzanna Janusz, one of the team captains on the varsity team, described the anxiety and excitement that she felt on the day of the meet. She shared that she felt the beginning of the season nerves before she swam in her first race of the year, but she also said that she was ready to help keep the energy levels up to help support the rest of the team. 

Angelina Simon, a member of the JVA team, shared that she felt the meet was exhilarating with the support everyone was giving each other and the power behind the cheers during the “rambler relay,” or the last relay of the meet. She also shared that everyone on the swim team comes to practice ready to improve each and every day and that she is hopeful and ready for the team to improve itself this season. 

The Loyola Academy Girls Swimming and Diving team is a team that is filled to the brim with outstanding young women who work very hard to achieve their goals. This first meet is the first of many amazing meets the girl’s swimming and diving team will have this season, and there is much to look forward to in the near future with this team.