LAG Takes Home a Big Win Against Lake Forest

Lucy Lien, Writer

Loyola Academy’s Varsity Gold’s team took home a big win after playing an aggressive game against Lake Forest’s Varsity hockey team.

The Ramblers walked into the arena with a confident attitude that they carried onto the ice. Though the many fights, injuries, and whistles, Loyola was able to power through a 5-0 win.

As the game started, both teams struggled to get the puck in the goal. The game consisted of non-stop head swivels that left fans on the edges of their seats. Both goalies stood anxiously waiting for one of the teams to attempt a shot.

The first goal was scored by senior Jaocb Holton at the start of the second period. Holton had previously  taken two major hits to the head before being sent to the penalty box.

“Lake Forest was being dirty with their hits,” Holton said.

Holton managed to return to the ice and take back control of the game. “Our first point being scored on a power play was a turning point of the game because it has been something we have been working on at practice and got the team fired up,” Holton said.

Senior Jack Levi and two Lake Forest players broke out into a fist fight after a teammate of Levi was aggressively hit. The Lake Forest player was given a penalty giving LAG the upper hand. Senior Ryan Cowen then scored during the power play putting Loyola 2-0 midway through the second period.

Junior Mikey Baker was evicted from the game midway through the second period due to another fight with a Lake Forest player.

The fans expressed their anger with the refs yelling “You cheap mother!” The players were getting aggressive with one another which seemed to antagonize the fans even more.

As the game progressed parents of players continued to express their anger by yelling at the refs. A student fan said, “I do think the game was unnecessarily aggressive from the opposing team as they seem to let their anger get the best of them and take it out on the players.”

Going into playoffs,  this game was a crucial win for LAG. “Before every game in the locker room Coach Scott tells us to treat every game like it is a playoff game,” Holton said.

Treating every game like it could be the last is a common theme for LAG that helps amplify their team spirit.

With two minutes left in the second period junior Tommy Macina scored a goal on another power play advantage for LAG. Just a minute later, senior Ryan Cowen scored his second goal of the game putting Loyola up 4-0 at the intermission. Loyola maintained a strong defense as Lake Forest failed to get the puck in.

Junior Cole Joubert scored LAG’s fifth and final goal of the game in the third period giving Lake Forest no chance for a comeback.

“Loyola Gold for the win!” Rang through the stadium as the Lake Forest fans quickly piled out of the arena.

“These victories help us gain the confidence we need for playoffs and help us better improve in practice,” Holton said.

Loyola students eager to watch LAG in the playoffs will find the schedule posted within the first week of February 2023.