The Boys Were Back

Shea Connolly, Writer

On Sunday, the Loyola Academy Gold hockey team hosted the Carmel Catholic Corsairs for their senior night. Heartland Ice Arena was filled with friends, and family for the 10 seniors. The game ended in a happy bus ride home for the Corsairs and a rough practice the next day for the Ramblers.

The Ramblers came out of an exciting win against Glenbrook South, who they had lost to earlier in the season. They were very confident going into the Carmel game, which could have been a component of the outcome.

After a difficult three periods, the game was tied with only a minute left and went into a sudden death overtime. Senior Jack Levi, one of the two assistant captains put the Ramblers in a great position by drawing a penalty resulting in numbers up on the ice. “Penalty on you!” exclaimed Levi. However they were not able to capitalize on this opportunity.

Then #92 caught the LAG defensemen too far up the ice and landed the puck in the back of the net. The Corsairs stormed the ice.

“That was one of the hardest games for me to watch, knowing I could not do anything to help,” stated injured senior Nathan Kadlec.

Despite the devastating overtime goal, LAG played a tremendous first, and half of the second period resulting in the score being 4-1 with 12:06 left on the clock in the second.

Between Jacob Holton, checking people left and right, Ryan Cowen eliminating defenders to get the perfect pass off to his teammates, and Cole Joubert picking up the puck and chucking it across the ice, there was so much action and always something to watch.

Senior Zach Waltman, put the Ramblers on the board halfway through the first. However, #21 responded quickly and tied the score up. Goalie Eddie Power had multiple huge saves in order to keep the Corsairs from being in the lead.

With just four seconds left in the period Levi was able to find a pocket and put LAG ahead going into the second period.

Levi said, “it is always so rewarding to see that puck go in and to turn around and see my teammates skating towards me in celebration.”

The first period ended 2-1, and the Ramblers were looking good. They had the puck on their offensive side for the majority of the time.

The Ramblers came out strong in the second, looking for goals. Tommy Macina was hungry, he was all over in front of the net, ready for the rebound from the shots of Joubert, Cooper Nelson, and Levi. Then, after an amazing shot by Joubert, Macina was able to slide the puck right in.

“Nelson gets brought up from LAM whenever we are short a defender. I was proud that he was able to make an impact on the game, but it was bittersweet since I knew that could have been me,” said Kadlec.

Kadlec separated his shoulder just last week and was unable to play on senior night. Nelson took his place and wore his jersey. Kadlec said, “It was weird to see someone else wearing my number, especially on senior night.”

With more great saves by Power, just a few minutes later Waltman was able to sneak another one in. Just like that the Ramblers were up 4-1 just six minutes into the second period!

“At that point, we thought we had it, we thought they would not be able to catch up but we were so wrong” said Levi.

The Corsairs were able to give it right back to them and scored two in the second half of the second, leaving the score 4-3 with just one period remaining.

Both teams looked tired in the third. There was not much exciting action at all. A few penalties on both teams, some long passes down the ice, a few shots on goal. Just when the Ramblers thought they were ok, with only a minute to kill, Power was laying on the ice in front of the net along with Nelson and #2 was able to find the puck and stick it in, sending the game into overtime.

LAG was looking good at the start of OT. They had numbers up and were sending shots into the goalie. It was just one rebound that they missed that allowed the corsairs to get a fast break. Just like that, the game was over. Carmel had officially beat LAG for the first time in history.

LAG needed this win with only a few days until playoffs. This loss dropped their seeding, so the chances of them playing a better team is high, which could end in their season getting cut shorter than they had hoped.