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Loyola Honors Worthy Ramblers

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Loyola Honors Worthy Ramblers

Alzario helps to motivate the team before the big game. His hopeful spirit helped lead to
Loyola honoring him as the 2018 Fausone Medal winner.

Alzario helps to motivate the team before the big game. His hopeful spirit helped lead to Loyola honoring him as the 2018 Fausone Medal winner.

The Year

Alzario helps to motivate the team before the big game. His hopeful spirit helped lead to Loyola honoring him as the 2018 Fausone Medal winner.

The Year

The Year

Alzario helps to motivate the team before the big game. His hopeful spirit helped lead to Loyola honoring him as the 2018 Fausone Medal winner.

Emily Devyor, LA News Editor

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The Year
Colleen King gathers with the other members of LADC before
their show for Dancers United.

The Sending Forth Mass at the end of every year acts as final mass for the seniors, who are being sent out to their next phase in life. It also sends forth all those engaging in service this summer. And finally, it is a time to announce the winners of some of the most important awards that Loyola gives out.

At this year’s mass on Monday, May 14, the first two awards that are given out are the Real Rambler awards. This award is given to a junior, senior, and faculty who represent the epitome of what a community member of Loyola Academy stands for. The junior Real Rambler award went to Sophia D’Agostino, who has been highly involved in school activities and was one of the main people who helped to plan the student walkout. Sophia worked alongside other students to make sure that the entire school community was able to voice their concerns and opinions in a healthy way and made sure that everyone was able to feel that their voice was being heard.

When asked how she felt winning the award, Sophia said “I don’t think I’ve ever felt more proud than when I won the Real Rambler award. Being recognized by the administration and being congratulated by the community feels amazing and I’m so grateful.”

Senior Colleen King also won the award for her continuous commitment to helping others. Colleen was a part of a LADC performance at Wheeling High School, which helped to raise over one thousand dollars for Children’s Place Association and Chicago Dancers United.

The adult who won the Real Rambler award was Mrs. Gregg, who works in the Campus Ministry office. Mrs. Gregg shows constant devotion to her coworkers and Loyola as a whole through the ways that she always approaches any task that she is given with a positive attitude and lets her faith guide her in the decisions that she makes. The compassion that she shows not only towards her coworkers but the students she helps as a part of campus ministry really embodies the Jesuit ideals and RIPLOC values that Loyola Academy hopes to instill in each of its students and faculty members.

The next award given out was the Rebarchak award, given to the students who has shown an incredible dedication to quietly doing service for others. This year’s winner, Bryan Ruz has shown an incredible dedication to Loyola through his actions around the school from the optimistic attitude that he brings to every class and situation, the way he forms relationships with other students, and the impressive way that he puts himself out there. Glowing recommendations from teachers along with a truly impressive service record are just a few of the reasons that Bryan was chosen to be the winner of this year’s Rebarchak award.

One teacher said, “he never failed to cross the threshold of my classroom with a smile. I can’t being to tell you how infectious his optimistic energy is…While he is quick to share a joke, he is – above all else – gentle, kind, and dependable.”

Bryan’s math teacher summed it up well saying, “When I read the description of the award again this year, I thought of him immediately. He is everything we want our students to be.”

Bryan, who spoke at the Baccalaureate Mass said, “I am just a representation of how Loyola Academy and the amazing people here who have shaped me. It was the perfect way to end my senior year and to thank everyone who has impacted me.”

The last award that was announced during the sending forth mass was the Fausone medal award. This award is given to a Rambler who is meant to inspire us through their perseverance, activism, and heroism. This year’s winner, Alzario Palmer was introduced by Dr. Baal with an impassioned speech that echoed what Bryan Stevenson said when he came to speak at the beginning of the year.

The four points, get closer to the problems we care about, change the narrative, remain hopeful, and do uncomfortable things, each relate to Alzario’s experience coming to and being at Loyola Academy. Alzario faced the uncomfortable by being the only person from his grade school and getting bullied by the people in his neighborhood for going to Loyola instead of the local public high school. Alzario was able to stay positive and always able to push through the challenges and stay positive. Part of the reason he chose to go to Loyola was so that he could walk back into his community and push for change. Alzario’s inspiring story is a small part of why he won this award.

Dr. Baal said that Alzario’s greatest quality was that he is hopeful. She said, “He knows loss and grief more than anyone in this room. Yet, most of us that know him would never see that on his face.”

She noted his counselor told her, “He has more reason than anyone in my caseload or in this school for that matter to give up. But he doesn’t. He never has and he never will. He knows his future is bright.”

Alzario is already working for change in his Austin neighborhood. He has spoken with Congressmen Danny Davis, sharing his story to help make Chicago a safer place. Alzario tells people, “I see so much wasted potential within my community, and I feel as though it is my duty to change the community. And I will.”

When talking about what the award meant to him he said, “The Fausone medal means everything to me, to know that I inspire a community of 2,000 plus students and to know that it didn’t go unnoticed is mind blowing. Winning this medal only motivates me more to keep being a living and open hearted person. It’s an honor to carry on and be a part of a 10 year tradition.”

The night after the mass, Tuesday, May 15, Loyola held its annual Honors Convocation to recognize Ramblers who have achieved greatness in academics and co-curriculars. Among the many awards, are two that stand out: The Richer and Brost awards. Both are in honor of alum who contributed greatly to the school.

The Brost Award is given to a junior who has made a strong impact on his or her co-curricular group. This year’s nominees included Mackenzie Lyons (Interfaith Youth Core), Natalie Regan (Photo Club), Maggie Brett (Student Council), Van Nguyen (Bowling Club), and Mark Kosmerl (Science Olympiad).

Mark Kosmerl took home the award because as his moderator, Val Galloway said, “He works hard and inspires others around him to work hard as well.” For the past three seasons, Mark has been a top competitor. Mrs. Galloway also noted, “He has an innate aptitude for science…he is a team leader who has the respect of his peers and coaches.”

The Richer Award is given to a senior who has gone above and beyond in his or her particular group. This year’s nominees included Brenna McCarthy (Equestrian Club), Percy Byron (SAVE and Model UN), Grace Ruark (Anime Club), Ngozi Okoli (Student Council), Luke Phillips (Young Republicans and Rambler Stream), Asiana Olando (Bowling Club), Amy Hoover (Yearbook), Marirose Osborne (Philosophy Club), and Mohammed Manzoor (Middle Eastern Club. While all of these seniors were worthy of the award, in the end, only one could home with the prize.

Luke Phillips became the newest recipient of the Richer Award due to his dedication and leadership. Moderator of the Young Republicans, which Luke co-founded and served as president for, Mr. Henglemen said, “every interaction with Luke convinces me that he is one of the great leaders within the school. Luke is completely selfless with his time and dedicates a tremendous amount of time to Loyola Academy…Luke is the type of student that steps into the building every day with the mission of doing for others and helping to make Loyola Academy a better place.”

As part of Rambler Stream, Luke worked to deliver coverage of the many sporting activities at Loyola. Moderator Mr. Heintz noted, “he brought a professionalism and preparedness that was top notch. Luke contacted coaches from opposing schools, reached out to players for insights, and shared his information with our broadcast crew.”

Mr. Heintz added, “Perhaps the best compliment I can give Luke is that he elevated the experience and the output for everyone involved. He challenged his partners to do their game prep, and he welcomed the new members generously. Finally, Luke had fun, and his energy and positive outlook were infections.”

These Ramblers will certainly leave a hole in the school community. They have set a high bar for all of us to reach, but I’m sure we won’t let them down and will have a similarly impressive slate of award winners next year.

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Loyola Honors Worthy Ramblers