Nike Creates Uproar with Kaepernick Ad

Annie Enrietto, Writer

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It’s September and both literal and figurative waves are being made. By now most people are aware of Nike’s decision to make Colin Kaepernick the face of their company, and no matter what side you stand on, here are the facts.

Colin Kaepernick, after being picked in the 2011 NFL Draft, was quarterback for the 49ers until 2016, when he began kneeling during the national anthem at the start of NFL games. It was at this time that Kaepernick turned down his contract and became a free agent. On September 3, in honor of the 30th year of their “Just Do It” motto, Nike displayed Kaepernick’s face on a new campaign of theirs.

Shortly afterwards, Nike’s stocks dropped 3%, their popularity dropped 38%, Nike products were burned, and several polls were taken saying that on average 21% of the respondents wouldn’t buy Nike products again.

However, in a matter of days Nike’s products order rose to 31% and some sources speculate may have made $45 million dollars from this new ad campaign. Overall, whether or not Nike is to profit from making Colin Kaepernick the face of their ad campaign is yet to be determined, but one thing for sure is that there has been lots of controversy over this decision.