Dancing into Special Education

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Meg McCall is a junior at Loyola Academy, whose interests in dance and academics make her an amazing student and person.

She was born in the city of Chicago on April 24, 2002 and has lived there ever since. She has 2 brothers, a freshman at St. Louis University, and a senior. She also has one cat who she found on the street, named Daisy, and a lizard who was given away.

During her time at Bell, a grammar school in Chicago, she tried dancing for the first time. Her first experience with dancing wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Meg tried ballet in 3rd grade and hated it, but she persevered and joined a competitive dance team.

“I pursued dancing because I thought it was such a graceful sport,” Meg said. “Its, extremely difficult, but watching professionals is like watching art.”

Meg is also very social with her friends in school and outside of school. Kate is Meg’s best friend from Bell, and they are both on a competitive dance team called The Puzzle Box. It’s a company based in Chicago providing dancers with space and passion.

With her busy homework and dance class everyday, she also makes time for her family and friends on the weekends. Her academics have created in her a passion for becoming a special education teacher when she grows up. She was really interested in this job because she loves helping people grow, but she could also have the summer off so she could spend time with her family.

From childhood her favorite memories are from the summertime. Her grandparents own a big house in northern Michigan on an island. She has such fond memories of running around and playing with her cousins.

Meg McCall is an amazing person, relatable, funny, and charismatic. Her attitude will help her pursue her dance career and her dream job of becoming a special education teacher.