Apple Classroom Throwing a Punch

Helen Hebson, Writer

Loyola Academy students beware, life changing restrictions might be forced upon you. There is an app called Apple Classroom that allows teachers to control students iPads during class. This year teachers tried the app out in a some of their classes. This scared many students.

Loyola has many rules and regulations for their students, which is normal to keep everyone safe and pretty much happy all the time. Though sometimes students feel they really don’t have a voice or a choice in the way they get to manage their school day. An anonymous student commented jokingly, “They have to take our iPad freedom too!”

The use of iPads is a huge factor in the educations students are getting here at Loyola. They can be both beneficial and detrimental. The can be used for both school work and to relax during a student’s free periods. They are easy access to online videos that might help a student complete tricky homework or concepts they don’t understand. The free range of iPads is used to help students become better learners.

On the other side of things iPads distract kids from completing work or paying attention in class. An app like Apple Classroom might be annoying at first but might help a student in the long run. Students won’t have a chance  to get distracted on their iPads because the teacher will be controlling it.

Another anonymous student commented, “Just because students don’t have an iPad to goof off on doesn’t mean they are going to pay attention all the time, there are other things that can be distractions during class!”

Unlike some of the students, most adults are all for the Apple Classroom app. A parent of a student said, “We all get distracted by electronics, it might be nice to have some discipline when it come to how much time we spend on things that distract us from our lives.”

Apple Classroom is not yet confirmed and might never be put into use. This article is really only to tease the underclassmen. It is really a mystery what will happen. Well it doesn’t matter for seniors so I’m not worried.