The Senior Finale

Dylan Sargent, Writer

As the year begins to wind down, the seniors of Loyola Academy take the time to reflect on their past years, and celebrate how far they’ve come.

With Senior Sunrise, the signing of the polos, Sending Forth Mass, and more, these last few weeks have been a blast for the Class of 2022.

A lot of seniors also spend their high school career waiting for the big night— Prom night. This year, the seniors had a blast on Saturday, April 30. Held at the Hilton in Northbrook, seniors were placed into buses that took them to the event. They then went to their assigned tables, and the fun began. The room was filled with shiny red lights and decorations galore. When dinner was served, the students enjoyed either chicken, steak, or a vegetarian option.

“I thought the food was great,” said Lauren Thuet, ‘22, “Honestly, much better than what I thought it would be.”

After dinner, the students got up to enjoy the numerous activities planned at the dance. The students whipped out their dancing shoes when the DJ began playing their favorite songs. They even began taking requests, so everyone got a chance to hear their song.

Photo booths, dancing, and being with longtime friends, students had a great night being with the people that they grew with these past four years.

“My favorite part was the mosh pit,” said senior Sean Burden, “I loved just dancing with my friends and having a good time. It was like our last hurrah.”

With almost everyone in the grade in one room, it was great to see everyone so happy as they toured the photo booths and dance floor.

Knowing that they didn’t have very much time left at Loyola Academy, the students took the time to take in the entire day and night. The night lasted for a few hours, but eventually it was time to leave.

Filled with love, laughter, and friends, the night ended around 11 PM, and the bus took the kids back to Loyola.

When asked about her overall experience at Prom, Mary Hague was more than excited to talk about it. “I loved prom. It definitely is one of my favorite high school memories,” she said. “I loved just seeing everybody. I loved seeing us all together.”

Now, the seniors only have five days left at school, and for those taking finals, about eight days. This coming week entails a ton of festivities to say farewell to the seniors. It’s hard to believe that things are actually winding down.

As mentioned earlier, there will be a Senior Sunset on Wednesday night, white polo signing on Thursday morning, and a Sending Forth Mass on Friday. We can’t wait to see our seniors have a blast at these upcoming events.

Seniors are finally saying goodbye to their home for the past four years. The class will remember and cherish the memories for the rest of their lives, and we can’t wait to see what they do with their future. Congratulations to the Class of 2022!