The Groundhog Saw Its Shadow: 30 More Minutes of School


Loyola Academy

The freshman class will experience 55 minute classes for the first time next year.

Lucy Lien, Writer

Many students have been rolling their eyes over the new schedule change for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. Loyola is adding an additional five minutes to their class periods next year, making the classes 55 minutes long. 

After the news broke out, many Loyola students expressed their irritation towards the new schedule change. However, Loyola teachers are ecstatic over the additional five minutes in the classroom. 

Spanish teacher Mary McGann said, “Over the course of the semester five more minutes of contact with the students is quite significant.”

Many students do not see the point in adding an additional five minutes of class time, but this is an absolute game changer for teachers. This allows them to spend more time on course materials so they are not ending the semester in such a rush. “My initial reaction was that I was happy about this change,” said McGann.

While crammed tests and rushing through lessons in the classroom won’t be an issue next year, many student athletes have expressed their frustrations with this new extension. Currently most student athletes normally have 30 minutes in between getting out of school and the start of their practice. With school ending at 3:00 next year instead of 2:30, they will lose this crucial resting time in between school and sports practice. 

Sophomore and varsity swim team member Mia Mesch Loyola says, “With the new bell schedule I will have less time to do my homework in between practice and the end of school.”

Many student athletes, especially varsity members, have long practices after school limiting their time to be able to work on homework after school. This thirty minute gap allowed students to work on homework, meet with teachers and prepare for their sport or activity. 

Senior and varsity member of both track and football Jack Belmont says, “It was hard enough getting from classes to the field on time and pushing the classes to 3:00 will make that gap harder for student-athletes.”

All current seniors have experienced sitting through both 50 and 55 minute classes. While it may seem like a drag for all the other grades, there do come many benefits for the students with the extension. 

Senior Maddie Braasch said, “I thought we had more time for tests and introductions in the beginning of class before the schedule changed to 50 minute classes.”

Not only do teachers get more time to effectively teach course materials, but students also get more contact time with teachers in order to be able to ask questions or even get more time on tests. 

While many students think this change is not in their favor, they may end up being pleasantly surprised what positive advantages come from adding an additional five minutes to the classroom.