Racing for the Record


Bella Licudine

Makena Coltoff leaps over a hurdle in the 50M hurdle race during the indoor track season.

Ally Walsh, Writer

The wind in her hair, her legs moving a mile a minute, her competitors chasing after her as she nears the finish line in a matter of 9.77 seconds. A new school record has been set. 

Senior Makena Coltoff accomplished this feat in March of 2022 at the GCAC Indoor Championship, setting the indoor school record in the 60 meter hurdles.

“It made me realize my potential and encouraged me to keep pushing myself towards challenging goals,” Coltoff said. 

A four year member of the Loyola Academy Varsity Track team, Coltoff has never failed to impress those around her. 

With countless first place finishes and personal records, Coltoff’s track record speaks for itself. Whether it be hurdles, the 4×400 meter relay or the 4×200 meter relay, she is always up for the challenge. 

As for this season, she has her eyes on the prize. With her aims high, Coltoff says that she will work as hard as she can to achieve the impressive goals she has set for herself. 

“My goals for this season are to break the outdoor school record and to qualify for state again for hurdles,” Coltoff said. 

This can-do attitude and grit never fails to show when she’s at practice and it doesn’t go without notice. A senior captain, Coltoff’s leadership can be seen on and off the track. 

Bella Licudine has been Coltoff’s teammate for two years and is a junior on the varsity track team. 

“Makena is a leader and a motivator,” Licudine said. “She always steps up and takes charge.” 

Her leadership, zeal, and determination make Makena the ideal teammate, someone to look up to and follow. 

However, her hard work does not cease when she crosses that final finish line in May. Coltoff never misses a pre-season lift or opportunity to improve her hurdling. 

In the fall, she would work out with the cross country team, occasionally practicing hurdles when given the chance. There is no off-season for Coltoff. She’s always practicing to become the best she can be. 

This constant drive and competitive attitude makes her a fierce, intimidating competitor. She is well-known throughout the track community, being recognized by competitors she has never met before. 

“She’s intimidating,” Licudine said. “Even girls from other schools know who Makena is and understand that there’s a high chance they’re going to lose.” 

But, underneath that intimidating exterior, she is a kind-hearted girl who loves track and all of her teammates. 

“I love the community around the track team and how everyone supports each other and helps their teammates out,” Coltoff said. 

With the indoor season already underway, Coltoff has continued to impress her competition and her fellow teammates. 

This past week, she ran five events at the Maine South Hawk Invite, discovering she was competing in the 4×400 relay seconds after she finished her team hurdles race. 

This week, the varsity track team takes on Rockford at the Auburn Invite located at Rockford Auburn High School. 

With her sights set on breaking the outdoor school record for hurdles, it will be exciting to see what Coltoff accomplishes as she rounds out her final track season at Loyola.