Joe Donut: A Must-Try Breakfast Place

Ally Walsh, Writer

A perfect balance of sweet and savory breakfast, Joe Donut is a must-try. With its mouthwatering sandwiches and amazing donuts and pancakes, their menu has everything you could ever want. 

Joe Donut is a trendy brunch restaurant with pancakes, skillets, omelets, coffee, donuts, and so much more. Niles and Glenview are home to the chain’s dine-in spaces, with donut shops spread throughout the Chicagoland area. 

The minute I walked in, I knew I was about to indulge in a quality breakfast. The place was packed with people, adults and kids alike. Everybody was smiling, and the staff immediately greeted my group and I as soon as we walked in the door.

The line for the pick-up area was out the door, as people eagerly waited to sink their teeth into their famous donuts. The atmosphere of the place gave off a homey vibe, with large windows filling the dining area with natural light. It felt very casual and comfortable, as the smells from the kitchen made me even more excited. 

Once my party was seated, we immediately cracked open the menus. They were dynamic, easy to read, and provided a description of each menu item so that people knew what they were ordering. Each category of food had its own section, clearly labeled by a bright green font. 

I ordered four food items and one drink. The red velvet donut and the coffee were brought to the table within five minutes of being ordered. First, I took a sip of the caramel macchiato. It was light, had the right amount of caramel, and wasn’t heavy on my stomach. Not only was it Instagram worthy, it was one of the best caramel macchiatos I have ever had, and I’m extremely picky when it comes to coffee.

As for the red velvet donut, it was a bit heavy. The balance of chocolate and cream cheese frosting definitely satisfied my sweet tooth, but it left my stomach feeling uneasy afterwards. If you don’t mind an absurd amount of sugar, this donut is for you. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a sensitive stomach. 

The main dishes, on the other hand, took thirty minutes to prepare, which was relatively quick for a sit-down restaurant. First, I ordered the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, which looked heavenly with the cinnamon glaze and cream cheese frosting smothered on the light, fluffy cinnamon pancakes. They weren’t too sweet and left me wanting more after every bite. 

Next, I ordered the Southern Lovin’ Biscuit. It is buttermilk fried chicken, topped with American cheese, bacon, and honey butter, all put in a hot, buttery biscuit. Packed with a flavor, this biscuit sandwich left my mouth watering. The fried chicken and the bacon had the perfect amount of crisp. The honey buttered biscuit was light and so buttery. Although, I think there wasn’t enough chicken or bacon. They were really stingy with it, which was disappointing because their chicken was so good. 

Finally, I ordered the Mile High Skillet, which includes American cheese, ham off the bone, onion, and green pepper, all served with a side of crispy breakfast potatoes. There was a perfect balance between the ham and the cheese. The ham was cooked to perfection with the cheese melted evenly over all of the ingredients. The onions and green peppers were tasty and added a sense of freshness to the plate. The skillet was good, but nothing special. There was little to no seasoning and tasted a little bland for my liking. Then again, I prefer sweet over savory when it comes to breakfast. So, if you’re more of a savory person, I would highly recommend this dish. The potatoes were amazing. Perfectly seasoned, well-cooked, and tasty, the potatoes were the highlight of the skillet. I just wish I could have eaten more. 

As a whole, I really loved Joe Donut. With a perfect balance of delectable sweet and savory dishes, Joe Donut is a must-try place when it comes to breakfast. Each course costs roughly ten to fifteen dollars, which is a good deal especially looking at the large portions. The environment was pleasant, and the staff were genuine and kind.

The next time you’re looking for a quality breakfast place, you might want to give Joe Donut a try.