Taco Nano: A North Shore Staple

Yago Echevarria, Writer

Taco Nano is a popular taco shop in Northfield less than five minutes from Loyola Academy. Popular with Loyola students for its good music, nice patio, and proximity, I decided to go down there and see what all the hype was about.

What I found was above average in a couple of ways.  I’ll be rating Taco Nano on three criteria, food,  service, and vibe. I’ll be rating each criteria out of 10 and then gathering a composite score out of 30 at the end.

Food: 7/10
First and foremost the food. The food was amazing. Tacos aren’t hard to make, but they are definitely hard to make great. I ordered the quesabirria and the taco al pastor. The quesabirria really hit the spot, all of the tacos were made fresh on the spot and there was nothing spared. The tacos were filled to the brim with ingredients which is unlike most places now who cut down on the amount of meat in tacos. The one big gripe I had with the food was how expensive it was. Tacos are NOT supposed to cost $4 EACH.

Service: 7/10
The service at Taco Nano really only happens at the register. Nothing to write home about but it was still good. The restaurant was very clean, and the food came out fast.

Vibes: 9/10
Taco Nano provided a great atmosphere for almost everyone. With its indoor and outdoor dining options you can eat, watch sports and listen to music inside or have a relaxed conversation with your friends outside. They recently renovated almost doubling the size of the restaurant allowing for more tables spread out inside of the restaurant.

The overall score for Taco Nano is 23/30. It’s a good place to grab a bite after school if you have the funds but there are definitely places that are just as good for a lot cheaper if you’re willing to drive a little farther.